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Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY: Heart sweater

For this project you will need a sweater, a piece of wool felt, scissors, fusible web, an iron, tape, a sharpie, and a large picture of a heart. Start of by getting a picture of a heart of off the internet (there will be a link to a picture at the bottom of this post), and put it into a word document. Make the heart as big as possible, fill up the entire page. then print out your heart. Cut out the inside of the heart so that the out side is intact. Do not cut through the outside of the heart. Dispose of the inside and keep the outside, this will be your stencil. Set that aside for later. Take a piece of the fusible web, remove the sticky part and place it onto your felt sticky side down. Iron the fusible web to the felt, this is what will attach the felt to your sweater. Take the stencil and take it to the felt and your work surface. Use the sharpie to trace the shape of the heart on to the felt, then cut out the heart. Lay out your sweater, remove the paper from the fusible web that you ironed on to the felt, and lay the sticky side of the felt on to your sweater. Iron the heart on to the sweater and your done!

Stay Beautiful! ;D

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