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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heart Breaker Shirt

Hey guys! This is for all my single girls on Valentine's day (or anyone who thinks they're a knockout). Show the world that you're a heart breaker. Stay Beautiful! ;D

Anatomical Heart Card and Garland

Hey guys! Valentine's day is right around the corner. Want a creative way to show that special some you care? Try out this card! Also use this garland at a Valentine's day party (or anti-party) or just to decorate your room. Stay Beautiful! ;D

Sunday, November 17, 2013

DIY: "Snow Globe" Candle Holder

My first picture imovie tutorial with music! What do you guys think? Comment below if you want to see more tutorials like this.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY: Ear Beanies

Want to add ears to an existing beanie? click here DIY Bunny ear beanie (alter to your desired animal ears)

Don't have a beanie? Don't worry! Take an old sweater and cut it under the armpits. Cut open along one side and then wrap it around your head. Cut it to fit the diameter of your head. Sew it into a tube. Then, put it on and measure to where the top of your head is and mark it. Then, design the ears that you want for your hat on a piece of paper. Cut them out and use as a pattern. Pin pattern to the top of head mark at the edges of your hat. Cut around the ears and across the head measurement between the ears. Sew closed.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

DIY: Needle Felted Sweater Elbow Patches

Want to add elbow patches to your old sweaters? Check out this video by Brittany Louise Taylor for instructions!
Stay Beautiful! ;D

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Last Minute DIY Costume: Witch

You will need: black boots (mine are from DSW), striped tights (Mine are from Party City), a black skirt ( its more fun with a halloweeny print! Mine is from H&M), a black top (Mine is from Urban Outfitters), and a witch's hat (mine is from target). I added an anthropologie scarf for a fashionista look. For make up I darkened up my eyes with glittery gray shadow from Sephora, giving a slight smoky eye, and I used the same eyeshadow to hollow out my cheeks. I lined my tightline and waterline with black eyeliner and I put black lipstick on. Lastly, I stuck some sequins bats on my face with lash glue.

Stay Beautiful! ;D