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Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY: Boho boots

Heyy guys! So first off I want to apologize that I haven't been updating my blog recently, but with school starting and everything I just haven't had the time. So today I have a DIY that I found on youtube by Mr. Kate and it is a "boho" boot tutorial. So what you will need is a pair of cowboy boots with a leather interior that you are okay with cutting, E6000 glue, glue gun with fabric glue sticks, masking tape, belts, lace, and any other material you want to use to adorn your boots. Start off by cutting down the back of one of the boot all the way down to the heel cap. Then bend the top down over the bottom. Take your belts and start wrapping them around your boot. Add other materials as desired. Once you get the look that you want start gluing them into place. Glue fabrics, ribbons, and lace with the fabric glue using the glue gun and the belt with the E6000 glue. Wear protection when using E6000 glue because it can damage you brain cells. Use masking tape to hold things in place while they dry.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Mr. Kate Boho Boot tutorial

Sunday, September 9, 2012

August Favorites

Since August ended about a week ago I thought I would share my favorite products from the month of August. The first product is the Boscia BB cream. BB creams cover up blemishes along with containing acne fighting ingredients. They even have sunscreen in them. I don't like to wear a lot of make up so I usually just wear some BB cream to cover up my acne and even out my skin tone. The next product is the Boscia blotting papers. These absorb excess oils on your face. This is good to prevent acne and to get rid of any shininess. I like the EOS lip balm because it moisturizes my lips without making them sticky, and because it's not glossy it doesn't rub off. I like Essie nail polish in clambake because it gives me a bright pop of color. The orangy red hue is great for summer and can even work for fall and around the holidays. The urban decay primer potion is great to make eye shadows last and keep them from smudging. I like the urban decay naked eyeshadow palette because it has a variety of neutral colors that i can wear anytime. I like the color club nail polish in Blue-ming because i love its bright mint color. The Neutrogena daily facial sunblock is a great sunscreen that can be worn under make up or a facial moisturizer. Its very light but gives great protection with SPF 50. One thing that I don't like about it is that it leaves a whitish tint to my skin. Lastly, the Vanilla Dee-lite lotion from Lush is a thick, creamy, moisturizing lotion with a delicious vanilla scent.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Boscia BB cream

Boscia blotting paper

EOS lipbalm

Essie nail polish in clambake

Urban Decay primer potion

Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette

Color Club nail polish in Blue-ming

Neutrogena daily facial sunblock

Lush Vanilla Dee-lite lotion