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Monday, August 27, 2012

Scarf Haul!

Hey guys, so for the past couple weekends I have been going back to school clothes shopping and I have racked up a small collection of scarves so I thought I would do a scarf haul to show you guys all of the scarves I bought.

$34.99, Madewell
$20, Nordstrom
$18, Nordstrom
$18, Nordstrom
$18, Nordstrom
$18, Nordstrom

$24.99, Madewell

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY: Chain headband

Chain headbands are a great way to change up your look with out dying or cutting your hair. You will need several different colored chains, jump rings, pliers, and a wrap around comb headband similar to your hair color. Take one of your chains and measure out the length you want it to be. Take your pliers and break open the chain link at the end of your desired length and separate the two pieces. Repeat this until all of your chains are the length you want. You should have twoof the same chain of the same length for each. Take the two longest chains and set them on your work surface. Then take the two next longest and place one on each side of the longest pair. Continue laying out your chains so that the shortest are on the outside and the longest are on the inside. Once you have all of your chains layed out, take you pliers and open one of your jump rings. attach the jump ring to one of your longest center chains and hook the jump ring on to the headband right at the clasp. Do the same thing with your other longest chain to the other side of the clasp. Continue attaching your chians in hte pattern you have them layed out, skipping every other loop in the headband. You can alter your headband to fit your style like attaching chains to every loop instead of skipping every other one or laying out your chains in a different pattern.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY: Hex Nut Bracelet

This bracelet is super easy and fun to make, not to mention it makes an adorable accessory. All you need is 18 hex nuts, tape, scissors, and some leather cord. Take the cord and wrap it around your wrist about 3 times. Depending on how long you want it to be, add or subtract from the length of the cord and cut it. You will need 3 pieces of cord of this length. take the cord pieces and line them up so the ends are even, then tie a knot 2 inches from the top. Use the tape to secure the knot to the surface you are working on. Start to braid your cord. When you are satisfied by the length of braid begin to add your hex nuts. Starting with the piece of cord farthest to the left, slide on one of your hex nuts. Fold the left cord over the middle cord. Then, slide a hex nut on to the cord farthest to the right. Fold the right cord over theleft cord, which is now the middle cord. Continue braiding in the hex nuts and after you use them all finish the bracelet off with a traditional braid.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 Fantastic style websites!

I recently joined 2 amazing websites and wanted to share them with you. The first one is called DailyLook. Each day stylist from the website put together 3 trendy outfits and all the pieces in the outfits are on sale for 36 hours. Membership is free and if you sign up through the link in this post you get $10 off your first purchase! You can also collect "look points" and when you get 2000, you get $20 off your purchase! You get 10 points for logging on, liking it, tweeting it, or sharing it and you get 1000 points if you invite someone and they buy something. You also get 1 point for each dollar you spend. Want to get another discount? Go to youtube and type in "Missglamorazzi." Look for the video called "Summer Fashion 2012 + Micheal Kors Giveaway!!!" Go to the description box and click on the link to DailyLook. You'll get 20% off! The second website is called Bauble Bar. This one mainly focuses on jewelry. This website gives you great deals and if you sign up through the link below you get $10 off of your first order! A necklaec at J. Crew was $150, but only $38 on Bauble Bar!10 points = $1 Bauble Bar credit. You get $15 when you invite a friend and they make their first purchase.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY: Shirt scarf #2

Here's another way to turn an old short into a trendy scarf! I got this tutorial off of P.S.- I made this.... Take your shirt and cut across under the armpits. Take the bottom and mark lines about 1/3 of the  way up; you decide how thick or thin you want your strips. Then, cut along your lines. Also cut along the seam. Pull on the strips so they curl, and your done!

P.S. I made this.....

Stay Beautiful! ;D

DIY: shirt scarf #1

Don't know what to do with old shirts? Turn them into scarfs! One way to make a trendy scarf is to take an old shirt and cut it horizontally into 1 inch thick bands. Continue until you get to the armpit. Gently tug on each band to stretch them and they will curl in on themselves. Gather them in a pile and use one of them to tie the rest of them together by wrapping it through the pile. And that's it! You can even twist the strands for a whole new look!

Stay Beautiful! ;D

12 creative ways to knot a belt

Here is an article describing 12 different and creative ways to knot a belt! This can add instant style and flair to any outfit. Take your belts from blah to fabulous!

12 ways to knot a belt

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY: braided chain bracelet

I got the tutorial for this bracelet off of the blog Henry Happened. Its cute and super easy to make; all you need is embroidery floss and a chain. Find a chunky gold chain and six bundles of embroidery floss ( either six of the same color or three of two colors). Separate the embroidery floss into two bundles; either a bundle of each color or a bundle of three. Each bundle should have about 15-18 strands and be 2-3 times as long as the chain. Knot the two bundles together an inch to an inch and a half away from the top. Lay the floss to the left of the chain. Take the bundle to the right, closest to the chain, and pull it through the chain from underneath. Take the other bundle, pull it over the first bundle, and through the next chain link from underneath. Continue doing this until you get to the end of the chain. Knot the end and trim the excess.

Henry Happened

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fish Net Nails

This nail tutorial will show you how to get this rocking look. Start off with painting your nails black. Wait until they are completely dry and then take some tulle or a scrap of loofah material and put it over your nail. Take a sponge and dab it in a glittery silver polish. Take the sponge and dab it over the nail covered with material. Wait a few seconds and then peel it off. Seal it in with a topcoat. Add a rhinestone to give it extra sparkle!

Stay Beautiful! ;D

DIY: cheetah print shorts

Love the animal print trend? Well this tutorial will show you how to make your very own cheetah print shorts. Start by printing out a cheetah spot pattern. Use an exacto knife to carefully cut out all of the spots so that you have the outlines of them. then, take a pair of shorts and lay your "stencil" on top. tape down the stencil and then use a black fabric marker to outline all of the spots. Remove the stencil and use the fabric marker to fill in the spots.  This is a great way to recycle an old pair of shorts or just liven up any pair. Experiment with other colors and patterns to find a look you love.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

How to get rid of black heads with lemon juice

I found this great way to get rid of black heads and all you need is a lemon and some honey! Take the lemon and slice it in half. Take one of the halves and pour 3-4 drops of honey on it. Then, rub the lemon on your face where you have black heads and in any blackhead prone areas. Keep the mixture on your face for 5 minutes, then wash it off with cold water and thats it! You should see immediate results!

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Temporarily dye your hair

I have been experimenting with ways to temporarily dye my hair. There is surprisingly a number of different ways to do it and I am trying to find the most affective one. One way is to rub your hair with eyeshadow. I tried this method, but did not get the results i wanted; it just made my hair dusty. I think that it would be more affective if I had a large container of loose powder eyeshadow. Another method that I tried was hair mascaras, but it blended into my dark hair and made a mess all over the bathroom. The only things it dyed were my hands. A method I have not tried yet is using Hair chalk or hairshadow. This is pigment specifically designed to temporarily dye your hair, but it can be expensive. Another way is to use regular chalk. The last method I have heard of is to use Kool-aid. I will continue my trials and get back to you with the results.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Cute Crochet Jeans

Ever had to get rid of a pair of jeans because they ripped or wanted to buy a cute pair of jeans but wasn't into the rips? Here's a video from on how to salvage ripped jeans by covering them with crochet motifs! So cute!

crochet motif jeans

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Newspaper Nails

Want to get this news worthy look? It's easier that you may think. All you need is some rubbing alcohol, nail polish, and newspaper. Paint your nails with your color of choice, I suggest gray to enhance the newspaper vibe, and let it completely dry. Then fill a small container with rubbing alcohol. When your nails are dry, take one of them and dip it in the rubbing alcohol for 5 seconds. Then, take a scrap of newspaper and place it on top of your nail. Press the newspaper onto your nail for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, peel of the newspaper. You can clean up around your nail with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. Finish it off with a top coat to seal in the newspaper ink. For a video of how to do this check out Newspaper nail art by Cutepolish.

Newspaper nail art by cutepolish

Stay Beautiful! ;D

How to wear it: sweater tube scarf

I am starting a segment where I take an average piece of clothing and show you all the different cool ways that you can wear it. The first article of clothing I will be using is a tube scarf made of sweater material. Besides wearing it as a scarf, there are many other cute and fun ways to wear it. One way is to layer it over a shirt and wear it as a tube top. The one I have has a piece of yarn running across the top, which i can use to adjust the fit, but if yours doesn't you can use a safety pin to pin it in the back. Another way to wear is as a hat. I tied one end closed with a hair tie and then used the  yarn on the other side to tie it around my head. This works great if you want the slouchy beanie look. The last way you can wear it is as a leg warmer. I tucked one end of the scarf into a boot and tied the other end around my leg. Then, I scrunched it down around the opening of the boot. I hope this inspires you to think outside the box and find new ways to wear your clothes.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Fiercely fabulous stripes

These fierce stripes are sure to be eye catching and add pizazz to your look while the metallic and pastel   colors give it a sweet and subtle affect. I got the idea from a GL magazine. Start out by cutting painter's tape into thin triangles. Set these aside for later. Then, paint your nails with a metallic color, I used Sephora by O.P.I in a gold color. Let it completely dry, about 5 minutes. When it is dry take the painter's tape triangles and lay three on one of your nails in a stripe pattern. Press them down firmly and then paint over your entire nail with a pastel color, I used Color Club Professional Nail Lacquer in Blue-Ming. Wait ten seconds and then carefully peel off the tape. Repeat this process to all of your nails. Once they are all dry finish them off with a topcoat for protection and extra shine.

GL article

Stay Beautiful! ;D

Classic French Mani with a twist

I saw this look in a commercial for L'OREAL's new line of nail polish and had to try it out. It's the same technique as a normal french manicure but substitutes the average, boring polishes with colorful ones. I used Sally Hensen's Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Nail color in Sun Kissed and Sinful Colors Nail Art in Sour Grapes. This pop of color is sure to make a bold statement without going all out. One trick for getting a smooth, straight line is to roll your nail under the brush instead of sweeping the brush over your nail. It's even easier if you use a nail art pen or nail art brush.

Stay Beautiful! ;D