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Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY: Chain headband

Chain headbands are a great way to change up your look with out dying or cutting your hair. You will need several different colored chains, jump rings, pliers, and a wrap around comb headband similar to your hair color. Take one of your chains and measure out the length you want it to be. Take your pliers and break open the chain link at the end of your desired length and separate the two pieces. Repeat this until all of your chains are the length you want. You should have twoof the same chain of the same length for each. Take the two longest chains and set them on your work surface. Then take the two next longest and place one on each side of the longest pair. Continue laying out your chains so that the shortest are on the outside and the longest are on the inside. Once you have all of your chains layed out, take you pliers and open one of your jump rings. attach the jump ring to one of your longest center chains and hook the jump ring on to the headband right at the clasp. Do the same thing with your other longest chain to the other side of the clasp. Continue attaching your chians in hte pattern you have them layed out, skipping every other loop in the headband. You can alter your headband to fit your style like attaching chains to every loop instead of skipping every other one or laying out your chains in a different pattern.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

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