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Monday, July 9, 2012

How to get soft lips

This will show you how to get rid of cracked, dry lips and make them soft and smooth. There are many different ways that people use to get rid of chappy lips. Almost all of them include scrubbing them. One way is to use a tooth brush to scrub off the dead skin. Start by wetting a tooth brush and then gently rubbing it across your lips. Don't rub too hard or you may experience some bleeding, but scrub hard enough to remove the dead skin. when your done slather on a chap stick, lip balm, or Vaseline. I suggest using a different tooth brush than the one you use for your teeth so that you don't end up with dead skin in your teeth. Don't use a lipstick or lipgloss right after you brush your lips because it will only dry them out. another way you can get soft lips is with a lip scrub. You can either buy one or make your own. To make a lip scrub all you need is sugar and honey. Mix together equal parts sugar and honey in a small dish and apply a generous amount onto your lips. wait a couple minutes and then scrub it off with a warm, wet towel. Apply a chap stick, lip balm, or Vaseline after the lip scrub. The last way to get rid of chappy lips is to not get them in the first place. A good way to prevent this is to drink plenty of water. Sometimes chappy lips are your body's way of saying, "I'm thirsty!" Hope this leads you down the road of soft and smooth lips.

Stay Beautiful! ;D

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